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Stropping a Tojiro DP Petty Knife - Video

Stropping a Tojiro DP Petty Knife with a Paddle Strop

Dan, one of our sharpening specialists, strops a Tojiro DP 150MM Petty Knife that we just tested on the Edge On Up Tester. This knife was super sharp out of the box, taking only 119 grams of pressure to cut the test media. If you'd like to see the test, visit our Tojiro DP Petty Knife Test.

While the knife was already really sharp, we wanted to strop it using our Double-Sided Paddle Strop to see if we could get it even sharper. He started on the suede side of the leather that was covered in our Green Honing Compound. To finish the knife, he stropped it on the smooth leather side.

In our after stropping video, we test the knife again to see if we were able to make it even sharper.