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10 Reasons to Shop Sharpening Supplies



REASON #1 - Our Friendly Sharpening Specialists

Our specialists make selecting a sharpening product easy. They're available by phone or email to help you select a sharpener or to help you with questions after you've received your products.

Contact Us if You Have a Question

Call us toll-free at 1-800-351-8234
International Calls 1-608-203-1129

REASON #2 - Exclusive Products

Many of the products we sell are designed by us and shipped directly to you.

REASON #3 - Great People

Sharpening Group Photo 750

Our people are good at what they do and care about what they do. When you call us, you're speaking to one of us. When we ship your products, one of us has packed it. We don't pass these important functions to anyone else.

REASON #4 - Fast, Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on orders over $99. By stocking all of our items in our warehouse, we're able to ship your order the same day you order. Just order by 2PM CST M-F and your order will ship the same day.

REASON #5 - Products Tested and Researched

Testing Wheel Specs

Sharpening can be hard enough. We take the guesswork out of sharpening by testing our products. Anything you buy from us works as intended and works well. If we test it and it doesn't perform, we won't sell it.

REASON #6 - Sharpening Articles and Videos

Sharpening Articles Videos

It isn't just about the products. We know sharpening is more knowledge and technique that it is just product. That is why we've created exclusive articles and videos that will make sharpening easier and more enjoyable.

REASON #7 - 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Sharpening Warehouse Packing 750

We are happy to accept returns for a full 90 days. We fully stand behind every product we sell.

REASON #8 - Lifetime Sharpening Support

Testing Sharpeners

When you buy from Sharpening Supplies, you get our full support for the lifetime of your product.

REASON #9 - Over 15 Years In Business

We've been around for more than 14 years. We started in 2006, with just one person. Fourteen years later, we've got a team of people ready to assist you.

REASON #10 - Over 1,700 Items Ready to Ship

Sharpening Supplies Warehouse

We have over 1,700 items ready to ship. How do we know, because we've counted them. Whether you're buying 1 item or a variety of items, you know that Sharpening Supplies has the selection to meet your sharpening needs.

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