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Testing the Factory Sharpness of a Torjiro Petty Knife - Video

Knife Sharpness Test - Tojiro DP 150MM Petty

David, one of our sharpening specialists, tests a Tojiro DP 150MM Petty Knife on the Edge-On-Up Edge Tester (also called a BESS Tester). This knife is brand new and has never been used. We like to evaluate the sharpness of knives so we can compare the starting points of factory edges.

To test the knife, we measured the sharpness at three locations on the knife, one closer to the heel, one closer to the center, and one towards the tip. The first test measured 112 grams of pressure. The second test measured 119 grams of pressure. And the last measurement towards the tip came in at 126 grams. The average of the three readings is 119 grams of pressure. With new knives, a number under 200 generally indicates a very well-sharpened factory edge, so the 119 is considered very sharp.

While this edge doesn't need sharpening, we are still going to see if we can improve the edge with a leather strop. Stay tuned for a future video where we strop this knife and test the sharpness after stropping.

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