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Sharpening a Chipped Carving Knife - Video

Sharpening a Chipped Carving Knife - Video

Tom Bartlett is a guest sharpener for Sharpening Supplies. He is a true craftsman and uses sharp tools for a living. He is a green woodworker, using unseasoned wood from locally felled urban trees. Tom works almost exclusively with hand tools.

In this video, Tom notices what looked like scratches in the wood. These white lines left by the knife are a sign that the blade has a tiny chip in it. Instead of being scratches, they’re lines of raised material, not cut to the same depth as the surface around it.

Tom uses Shapton Water Stones and a Sharpening Supplies Strop to complete the sharpening.

Shapton GlassStones

Shapton Kuromaku Stones

12" Bench Mountable Strop

Honing Compound

Tom's work can be viewed and purchased at his website, Sylva Spoon. He is active on social media and is always posting interesting, inspiring and helpful information.