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Knife Sharpening Angles - The Secret to Sharp Knives - Video

The Secret to Sharp Knives - Knife Sharpening Angles

In this video, Tom talks through how the angle you sharpen your knives dramatically impacts their sharpness. He also gives specific angles for different types of knives.

Remember, the perfect angle for your knives and the way you use them might be different, so go ahead and experiment with different angles and let us know your results!

As promised, below is our Knife Sharpening Angles Cheat Sheet.

Angle Type of Knife
7 to 10 Degrees

Primarily used for straight razors or other edges you want to be literally razor sharp.

10 - 15 Degrees

Lowest recommended angle for high-end kitchen cutlery used for slicing. The edge will be more delicate.

15 - 18 Degrees

Common angle for many Japanese kitchen knives and newer western knives. Can be used for pocket knives mainly used for slicing tasks.

18 - 22 Degrees

Best performance for a wide variety of knife styles. A good compromise between sharpness and durability.

22 - 30 Degrees

This angle can be used to optimize for durability. These angles can withstand chopping harder materials.

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