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DMT EdgeSharp Sharpeners

DMT EdgeSharp Sharpeners

The DMT EdgeSharp series brings a unique blend of convenience and performance. Designed with user-friendly features and innovative technology, these sharpeners offer consistent and quick edge restoration, making them perfect for both everyday use and on-the-go sharpening needs.

DMT DiamondBench Pro Sharpener

The DMT EdgeSharp DiamondBench Pro Sharpener is a three stage pull through sharpener with coarse diamond, medium tungsten and fine ceramic stages. In addition, a shears sharpening slot makes it easy to keep scissors in prime cutting condition. The ergonomic handle keeps fingers safely away from edges. Usable right or left handed.

DMT TriStone Rotator

Whether held in your hand or set on a workbench, the EdgeSharp TriStone Rotator gives the full range of grits needed to sharpen any knife. And built in angle guides at 15°, 20°, and 22° allow you to get the angle right, every time.

DMT PocketSharp Sharpener

The DMT EdgeSharp PocketSharp is a two stage coarse / fine pull through sharpener. This ultra-lightweight sharpener is easily portable. Use the lanyard to hang it from your key chain, slide it in your pocket, or throw it in your toolbox to be prepared to sharpen your knives any time, anywhere.

DMT DoubleFlip Sharpener

The DMT EdgeSharp DoubleFlip Sharpener is a compact handled sharpener. It has two 4 inch sharpening surfaces, a blue 325 grit coarse and a red 600 grit fine, that can be stored in the large ergonomic handle when not in use. Built into the handle are two angled sharpening guides, one at 20 degrees and one at 22 degrees, to ensure accurate sharpening angles every time. To top it off, a bottle opener adds to the practicality of this handy sharpener.

DMT AdjustSharp Sharpener

 The DMT EdgeSharp SharpAdjust Sharpener is a tungsten pull through v sharpener that can be adjusted to different sharpening angles. Turn a dial to select one of six angles from 14 to 24 degrees. Clear icons indicate angles for hobby knives, Fillet knives, Japanese knives, western chef's knives, outdoor knives, and cleavers. Selection couldn't be easier.

DMT Glide-Pro Sharpener

The DMT EdgeSharp Glide-Pro Sharpener has a lot going on in a small package. With coarse and fine pull through v sharpeners in both 20 degrees and 30 degrees, and flat sharpening surfaces in coarse and medium ceramic as well as carbide, the EdgeSharp Glide-Pro is perfect for a wide variety of knives, axes, gardening and outdoor sharpening. And flat head and phillips head screwdrivers add to the usefulness.

 DMT Simple Sharp

Great for kitchen use, The DMT SIMPLE Sharp provides simple pull through sharpening with an easy glide motion. Two 2.76" x 0.98" Fine diamond (Red / 600 mesh / 25 micron) sharpening surfaces are set at a vee and spring loaded to provide constant contact with your knife.


Experience the quality and reliability of DMT in a compact and affordable package, ideal for maintaining knives with ease and efficiency. Shop all the DMT EdgeSharp Sharpeners here