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Sharpening Buying Guides

  • Why We Created a Pink Double-Time Flattening Stone

    Why We Created a Pink Double-Time Flattening Stone

    Discover why we introduced the Pink Double-Time Flattening Stone, an enhanced version designed for superior durability and performance. Ideal for serious sharpeners, this stone offers the toughness of pink aluminum oxide for extended wear, ensuring your water stones remain perfectly flat with every use.
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  • Top 20 Sharpeners of 2023

    Top 20 Sharpeners of 2023

    Explore the top 20 knife sharpeners of 2023, featuring the best from Naniwa, Chef's Choice, Shapton, DMT, and more. From traditional stones to high-tech systems, discover the perfect sharpener for every type of blade in your collection.
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  • Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Review

    Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Review

    Experience precision knife sharpening with the Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust. This detailed review covers everything from its robust construction to the advanced angle adjustment features, making it ideal for enthusiasts seeking a meticulous edge on their blades. Perfect for both novice and experienced sharpeners looking for a high-quality, guided system.
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  • Introducing 1Stone

    Introducing 1Stone

    Explore the exquisite range of natural whetstones from 1Stone, expertly crafted in the Ardennes region of France. Perfect for refining and finishing sharp edges, these stones offer a unique sharpening experience, combining traditional techniques with modern innovation. Ideal for enthusiasts and professionals seeking superior quality and performance.
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  • Nano-Hone Overview

    Nano-Hone Overview

    Discover Nano Hone's innovative sharpening system with Water Stones, Diamond Stones, Flattening Plates, and more for a superior sharpening experience.
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  • Tormek T-1 Review

    Tormek T-1 Review

    Discover the Tormek T-1 Knife Sharpener in this comprehensive review. From first impressions to testing, find out if it's the right choice for your kitchen.
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