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Sharper Blades with Less Effort: The Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener

Sharper Blades with Less Effort: The Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener

Effortless Knife Maintenance with the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener


Imagine the last time you tried slicing a ripe tomato, only to end up with a squished mess or the frustration of attempting to cut through paracord with a dull blade. Now, what if there was a way to restore your blade edge to better than brand-new without attending a knife-sharpening masterclass? Enter the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener – a game-changer for knife enthusiasts who want a simple-to-use sharpening solution.

The Challenge of Knife Maintenance:

For most of us, owning a variety of knives – from kitchen essentials to handy pocket tools – is a part of everyday life. Yet, the thought of having to maintain these blades often pushes us into settling for less-than-ideal cutting performances. Traditional sharpening techniques can be intricate, time-consuming, and require a certain level of expertise. Not everyone has the patience or the desire to become a knife-sharpening connoisseur. That's where the Rolling Knife Sharpener shines.

An orange handled pocket knife attached to the Magnetic Angle Block with the Rolling Sharpener running along the knife's edge. A row of kitchen knives is in the background.

Easily maintain the edges on all your knives.

Versatile Sharpening for All Blades:

Designed for the modern individual, the Rolling Knife Sharpener effortlessly caters to a diverse range of blades. The diamond abrasive disks will handle any kind of steel, from hard carbon steel chef’s knives to tough super-steel pocket knives. The coarse 320-grit diamond will quickly reshape a blunt edge, raising a burr and removing damage in no time. Do your edges just need a touch-up? Then skip the coarse and jump right into using the 600-grit diamond or fine ceramic hone. In mere moments, you'll watch your blade transform from dull to dazzling. And the best part? This compact marvel is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen drawer or toolkit, always at arm's reach.

A woman in a kitchen changes abrasive grits on the Rolling Sharpener with kitchen knives in the foreground.

Quickly switch grits for fast sharpening.

Precision with the Magnetic Angle Block:

But the real magic lies in the four-sided Magnetic Angle Block. Whether you're a home chef working with kitchen knives, an adventurer relying on your outdoor knives, or just someone who carries a trusty pocket knife – this sharpener has got you covered. With its innovative Magnetic Angle Block, you're presented with four precise sharpening angles. This means you can effortlessly tailor the sharpening process to the specific type of knife in your hand. No more guesswork!

A close-up of the Magnetic Angle Block showing the 15, 17, 20 and 25 degree sides

The Magnetic Angle Block will hold your knives at the correct angle for sharpening.

  • 15° for Eastern-style kitchen knives
  • 17° for Western-style kitchen knives
  • 20° for pocket knives
  • 25° for outdoor knives and cleavers

Effortless Sharpening Process:

With your knife magnetically attached to the appropriate side of the Angle Block all you need to do is roll the sharpener along the length of the blade. The Block ensures you’re sharpening at the correct angle and rotating abrasives quickly do all the hard work of removing blunt steel. Once you’ve raised a burr, flip the knife around to sharpen the other side and repeat through the grits. Why settle for a dull edge when knife sharpening can be this easy?

A kitchen knife is attached to the Magnetic Angle Block and the Rolling Sharpener is being run along the knife's edge.

The Rolling Knife Sharpener makes sharpening all your knives quick and easy.

With Work Sharp’s Rolling Knife Sharpener, you can enter into a world where sharp blades are no longer a luxury but an everyday reality. Try the Rolling Knife Sharpener and watch it redefine simplicity in sharpening.