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New Tormek T-99

April 1, 2019
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Introducing the New Tormek T-99

Tormek T-99

Innovative Grindstone Size Sets the Bar High

The Tormek T-7 was a great sharpener for many years. The upgrade in 2016 to the Tormek T-8 was an improvement in design and function. A new Tormek T-9 was obviously the next step in the evolution. However, when a truly revolutionary new product is created, the name needs to match the level of innovation. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce the brand new sharpener, the Tormek T-99, available exclusively at Sharpening Supplies.

Extra-Extra Wide Grinding Wheel

The Tormek T-8 has a large 2” wide grinding wheel. Combined with the 10” diameter, it is a hefty bugger in its own right. However, there comes a time in your life when you just say that compromise is for the other guy, and you want it all and you want it now. With that in mind, the T-99 was designed to capture the imagination of even the most uninspired sharpener with an extra-extra wide 24” wide grinding wheel.

With an overall width of 24” and a diameter of 10”, the wheel (Item# SG-2500) is built with size in mind. The older T-8 wheels are hefty at 11 lbs. But the new wheels weigh in at a scale-tipping 132 lbs.

The size of the new wheel did create the need for some extra strengthening of key components of the machine. Through trial and error as well as a little help from guys with white lab coats, we were able to overcome those challenges to produce an amazing sharpener without limitations.

Using Tormek T-99

Longer Social Universal Support

While sharpening is often a solitary activity, the extra long Universal Support provides enough room for two to sharpen at once. Find a friend and double your productivity, while enjoying the company.

Extra Strong Main Shaft

The main shaft was strong, but it couldn’t handle the unsupported weight of a 24” wide wheel. We had to strengthen the main shaft without increasing the diameter. A new alloy would need to be used. By consulting with researchers at the UW Material Science and Engineering Department, we came up with an alloy with 1% unobtainium by mass. By alloying it with iron, carbon, and chromium we were able to meet the required Young’s modulus of 700 that was needed to support the wheel.

Strong Support Bolts

The next problem to overcome was the inherent tendency for the machine to tip over. But we planned carefully to solve that problem. Each Tormek T-99 comes with four Grade 8 ¾” diameter lag bolts that are used to bolt to a reinforced workbench. These bolts feature a tensile strength of 50,000 lbs each, providing a significant safety factor for the heavy cantilevered grinding wheel.

Really Advanced Water Trough

The Tormek Advanced Water Trough was a breakthrough design that allowed you to sharpen tools without pouring water all over your workbench. However, with the Extra-Extra Wide wheel, it couldn’t just be advanced, it needed to be Really Advanced. And by really advanced, we mean really really long.

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This April 1st joke was posted April 1, 2019. For serious sharpening products, please visit our main sharpening page.

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