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Double Sided Bronto Strop

April 1, 2019
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Introducing the Bronto Leather Strop

Bronto Strop
Using Tormek T-99

Durable Dinosaur Leather Makes All The Difference

We’ve long been committed to researching and creating the best sharpening materials anywhere. We’ve introduced the 1 Grit Stone and the 1 Million Grit Stone, the best coarse and fine sharpening stones available. But we didn’t stop there. To get a truly sharp edge, you need to use a strop after your finest stone. Stropping is the best way to polish, smooth and align an edge. And stropping removes any trace of a burr for the cleanest cutting edge possible.

So we set out to make the best strop possible.

Strop Size Comparison

The Best Leather for the Best Strop

First, we had to find the best leather for stropping. One that would combine the proper polishing abrasive qualities with the optimal feel. It had to have just the right amount of give and flexibility. Something that would not be too hard and slick, but that would also not be soft or squishy. And it had to be durable enough to provide a lifetime of stropping with no let down in performance.

After years of searching, we’ve found it. Dinosaur Leather.

Mineralized Brontosaurus leather provides unique abrasive properties for the ultimate in ultra-extra-fine finishing. Partially-fossilized bronto hide does not require the application of any honing compounds, the polishing grit is present throughout the leather in the form of minerals that have collected in the leather over the millennia.

Bronto Strop Close Up

Yet despite the delicate finish it creates on an edge, Brontosaurus leather is tough as nails. Let’s face it, if it was tough enough to withstand a velociraptor's sharp claws, this 3” thick skin will last for years when used for stropping.

Meticulously Made

A great deal of planning and research has gone into the Bronto Strop. A source for perfectly partially fossilized bronto leather was located in the Badlands of the American West. Great care was taken in excavating the leather from the ground. Only the most select pieces from the delicate underside of the neck were used.

The utmost care has been taken in the crafting of the final product. The best pieces of hard rock maple are used to make backing boards to stabilize the strops. Only the finest avocado adhesive is employed to attach the leather to the boards. Every detail has been verified as perfect before any strop gets the Bronto Strop Trademark Stamp.

Using Using the Bronto Strop

Due to the limited availability of Brontosaurus leather, Sharpening Supplies reserves the right to substitute other quality sauropod leather.

Available Tomorrow, Supply Limited.

If the Bronto Strop is unavailable when you are ready to purchase one, don't despair. We do have the Double Sided Paddle Strop in stock.


This April 1st joke was posted April 1, 2019. For serious sharpening products, please visit our main sharpening page.

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