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Tormek MB-102 Multi Base

by Tormek
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  • Convert Horizontal Mount to Vertical!
  • Sharpen on the Side of the Diamond Wheels
  • Works T-8 and T-4 Diamond Wheels
  • Works with 10 Tormek Jigs


Convert Horizontal Mount to Vertical

With the MB-102 Multi Base, it is now possible to use jigs in the vertical configuration. In addition to allowing the Universal Support to be positioned to allow jigs to work on the flat face of the diamond wheels, the MB-102 makes it possible to mount the Universal Support in a vertical position from the horizontal mount. This makes it possible to sharpen from a vertical configuration while the wheel is turning away from you in an edge trailing position. It also makes guided honing with the knife jigs practical. This vertical mounting feature works with any of the Tormek Grinding Wheels.

Sharpen on the Side of the Diamond Wheels

The Tormek Multi Base allows the mounting of the Universal Support so that jigs can be used on the flat face of the Diamond Wheels. This allows sharpening to a flat surface, eliminating the slight hollow grind that results in using the edge of the wheel. The MB-102 mounts in either the vertical or the horizontal position, and has an adjustment line so you can fix the optimal position for each tool and jig. Sharpening on the flat face is recommended only for the diamond wheels.

Works with these Tormek Jigs:

Setting an Angle with the AngleMaster

Updated editions of the TOR-WM200 AngleMaster will be marked with a second scale labled "MB-100". Be sure to use this scale when setting your angle while using the Multi Base.

If you are using an edition of the WM200 AngleMaster that does not have the specially marked scale, then add 18 degrees to your preferred angle when using the Multi Base. For example, to achieve a 25 degree angle, set the AngleMaster to 43 degrees.

Always make sure that the Wheel Diameter Compensator on the AngleMaster is set to 250mm when sharpening with the Multi Base.

Q. Can I use the Multi Base with my T4?

A. Yes. With the introduction of 8" Diamond Wheels, the Multi Base can now be used on the T4 as well as the T8, T7 and Supergrind models.

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