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Tormek Square Edge Jig

by Tormek
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The SE-77 comes standard with the Tormek T8 and is also available independently. It is a further development of and replacement for the previous model, the SE76. This jig is used with chisels and plane irons to produce edges that are 90 degrees to the tool. The improvements to the SE77 allow not only for fine tuning of the edge to ensure a perfect 90 degrees, but also for grinding the edge to a slightly convex shape.

This ability to fine tune and grind convex edges comes from the introduction of an adjustable side to the jig. Two small knobs control the position of one side of the jig. By loosening one and tightening the other, a pendulum action is introduced. Using this action, the blade can be moved to a precise 90 degree positioning and locked in place or swung back and forth to produce a convex edge if one is desired.

The jig comprises an upper base with a lower clamp and two locking knobs for fixing the tool. The jig slides on the Universal Support on nylon bushings across the grind­stone. The edge angle is set with the Micro Adjust (3) on the Universal Support (4).

There are two safety stops to prevent the tool from slipping off the stone when grinding. One inner stop (1) is to be positioned according to the width of the tool and one outer stop (2) is mounted on the end of the Universal Support.

The jig lines up the chisel to its upper flat side, making it easier to mount it square to the wheel. Conventional jigs need manual alignment.

The lower clamp has a ridge in the center enabling shorter tools with a tapered shank to be firmly mounted, e.g. Japanese chisels. The upper base, which lines up the tool, is designed so the clamping pressure is distributed to the ends and the tool mounts firmly without a heavy tightening of the knobs.

Q. Is this jig compatible with any model Tormek Sharpener?

A. Yes. This jig will work with both the Tormek T8, the Tormek T4 as well as older models like the T7, T3 and 2000.

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