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Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter Review

The Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter being clipped onto the universal support bar of a Tormek T-8.

Elevate Your Knife Sharpening Game with the Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter

If you’re a Tormek user looking to achieve the highest precision in knife sharpening, the Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter is a game-changer. This patented accessory is designed to simplify and enhance the sharpening process for both professionals and enthusiasts. Let’s dive into why the KS-123 is a must-have addition to your Tormek setup. 

The Tormek KS-123 setting the angle of a kitchen knife about to be sharpened on the Tormek T-8.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Using the KS-123 Knife Angle Setter is incredibly straightforward. Follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Snap: Clip the Knife Angle Setter onto the universal support bar, ensuring it's positioned against the inside of the wheel. It’s helpful to set the bar a bit lower than you think you’ll need.
  2. Set: Loosen the side knob and place the edge of the knife into the v-shaped composite edge support. Push the knife down until the jig is properly aligned with the universal support bar, then tighten the side knob and remove the knife.
  3. Sharpen: Adjust the height of the universal support bar until the angle indicator points to your desired angle, ranging from 8 to 25 degrees per side. Lock the universal support and remove the Knife Angle Setter. Your knife is now ready to be sharpened at the precise angle you set. 

Set the Exact Sharpening Angle

The KS-123 Knife Angle Setter ensures precise and consistent angles, transforming your knife sharpening process. Compatible with all Tormek machines that have a universal support, this tool allows you to adjust the sharpening angle with exacting precision, enhancing the performance and lifespan of your knives. It works seamlessly with all Tormek knife jigs, including the KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig, KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig, SVM-00 Small Knife Jig, and all older models.

If you want to learn more about what sharpening angle to select, read our Tips for Selecting the Right Bevel Angle.

Advanced Features for Superior Sharpening

The KS-123 is packed with features that make it a superior choice for knife sharpening: 

  • Precision Adjustment: Set the exact sharpening angle for any knife, even those with tapered blades.
  • Self-Adjusting: The setter adjusts for the diameter of the grinding wheel, ensuring accuracy whether you’re using the grindstone or the honing wheel.

    The three reference legs make sure your sharpening angle is accurate, no matter what diameter wheel you use. 

  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with all of Tormek's knife jigs and the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-4, and older models, maintaining Tormek’s tradition of backward compatibility.
  • Wide Range of Angles: Sharpen your knives to any angle between 8 and 25 degrees per side, making it ideal for a variety of knives, from fine slicing kitchen cutlery to hard-use outdoor blades. 

Why Choose the KS-123 Over the WM-200 Angle Master?

The WM-200 Angle Master is excellent for single bevel tools like plane irons and chisels, where it can measure from the tool's large bevel. Knives often have very small bevels, which makes measuring the sharpening angle with the WM-200 more complicated.

The KS-123, on the other hand, measures from the edge apex, providing a more accurate sharpening angle regardless of the bevel or secondary grind. This precision makes the KS-123 a superior choice for knife sharpening enthusiasts.


The Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the knife sharpening process while ensuring precise, consistent results. If you’re a Tormek user, this accessory is a must-have to elevate your sharpening game. It’s easy to use, highly versatile, and guarantees the exact sharpening angle you need every time.