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Strops for the Work Sharp Ken Onion Blade Grinding Attachment

Strops for the Work Sharp Ken Onion Blade Grinding Attachment

Strop Belts for the WSKTS Ken Onion with Blade Grinding Attachment

Dan Splinter - January 11, 2016

Ken Onion Stropping Belt Use

I've been getting asked for some time if there is a stropping belt available for the Work Sharp Ken Onion, so I was excited to receive the sample of the WSKTS-KO Blade Grinder Stropping Kit they sent recently. Of course, I had to try them out right away, and the results were typically impressive.

Before I go any further though, AN IMPORTANT POINT. The belts in the Stropping Kit are for the WSKTS-KO Blade Grinding Attachment only. They do not fit the basic Ken Onion.

As I said, the kit is impressive. As I have come to expect from Work Sharp, it is nice and simple, but effective. The two belts included are the same cloth as the backing of the other Work Sharp abrasive belts. They take the compound easily and install on the machine equally easily. Two compounds give a nice progression of grits for polishing and the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow.

Of course what really matters is the result, and I found this kit to give an impressive polish easily. Looks like another win for Work Sharp.


Cloth Stropping Belt Close Up

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