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Warthog Hones for the A4 Knife Sharpener

by Warthog
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  • For Warthog V-sharp A-4 Sharpener
  • Diamond / Steel Hone
  • Double-Sided Diamond
  • Ceramic

Hones for the Warthog A4

These hones will fit only the Warthog V-Sharp A4 Knife Sharpeners. They will not work with other model sharpeners.

There are a few types of stone to choose from:

  • Stones with diamond abrasive on one side and a smooth honing steel on the opposite side.
  • Stones with two different diamond abrasives, one on each side.
  • Single-sided ceramic stones.

These various choices allow the sharpener options. You can employ coarse abrasiveness for fast material removal for dull or damaged blades, moderate abrasiveness for lighter touch ups, or fine abrasiveness for finishing and maintenance.

Warthog Hones are easy to install and remove so flipping sides or replacing hones is quick and easy.

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