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Warthog V-Sharp A4 Knife Sharpener

by Warthog
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  • Sharpen Both Sides of the Blade Simultaneously
  • Diamond Sharpening Hones
  • Steel Finishing Hones
  • Adjusts to 15, 20, 25, or 30 Degrees
  • Black, Red, or Gun Metal Gray

Fast and Easy

Warthog's A4 knife sharpener with patented V-Sharp system and adjustable angle settings will sharpen virtually any knife, and it couldn't be easier to use. Rest the side of your knife against the central vertical guide, lower the blade into the spring loaded sharpening arms, and pull back and down in a slicing motion. With this durable and easy to use sharpener you will take a knife from dull to razor sharp in a matter of minutes.

Two Diamond Hones

The Warthog A4 employs two diamond hones on spring loaded arms. With two hones, both sides of the blade are sharpened simultaneously for maximum efficiency. The diamond hones are 325 grit which is coarse enough to sharpen even a dull knife, but fine enough to prepare the edge for final honing.

Two Steel Hones

The hones have two sides: The 325 grit diamond side, and a smooth, hard steel on the flip side. After using the diamond side to create an edge, flip the hone over for final steeling. Perfect for finishing and maintaining razor sharp edges.

Four Angles

The Warthog A4 offers adjustability as well. The arms use an easy to operate positioning system, and can quickly be set to 15, 20, 25 or 30 degrees. Whether you are after a low angle for fine slicing, or a steep one for heavy chopping, the A4 has you covered.


The Warthog A4 has a durable, powder coated metal frame with a rubber base that will sit on any counter or bench ready for use, and is available in three color options. Choose from Black, Red or Gun Metal Gray.

Additional Grits Available

The A4 comes with 325 Grit Diamond / Honing Steel hones, which are excellent for most sharpening. Additional grits are available separately. Depending on your needs additional hones both coarser and finer are available. Whether you are rehabilitating very dull or damaged knives, or you are looking for even smoother more refined edges, there are options to consider.

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