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Herold - Solingen 56RI Adjustable Tension Razor Strop

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  • Portable
  • 2 Stropping Surfaces
  • Pre-Treated with Stropping Paste
  • Adjustable Tension

A Lot of Strop in a Small Size

The Herold - Solingen 56RI Adjustable Strop has more going on than you might think at first glance. Small enough to be easily portable, this handy strop doesn't need to be anchored to a wall, features a sturdy easy to grab handle, has more than one stropping surface, and adjusts to give just the right tension. All while providing enough quality leather to strop any straight razor.

Easily Portable

The HS56RI is a compact size. It's overall length is 33-1/2cm (13-1/4") and it is approximately 27mm (1-1/8") thick. The stropping surface is 18-1/2cm (7-1/4") long by 40mm (1-1/2") wide. The cardboard box it comes packaged in makes a nice storage case to keep things neat and tidy. The wooden handle provides a secure grip when in use. And because of the rigid design, this strop doesn't need to be anchored to anything like other razor strops do. If you are looking for a strop to throw in a travel bag or you just don't want to have leather strops hanging from your wall, then this is the strop for you.

Two Stropping Surfaces in One

The HS56RI features one piece of leather wrapped around a frame. Each side of the frame provides a different surface for stropping. On this model, one side has already been treated with the Herold - Solingen Red Stropping Paste. This is their medium paste at about 3 microns in particle size, and it is a nice grit for refreshing a razor that has just begun to show signs of dulling, but isn't in need of honing on stones yet.

The other side is untreated leather. This is the same "Rindleder" cowhide of the HS152RI hanging strop, with its soft and supple surface and responsive feel in use. And just like its larger cousin, the leather on this strop needs no treatment immediately, but the bare leather side benefits from periodic applications of the Herold - Solingen Yellow Leather Treatment Strop Paste.

Adjustable Tension

Of course, with a hanging strop that is anchored to something solid, you adjust the tension by how hard you pull on the loose end. With a hand held strop like this that is not possible. This has been solved with a clever tension control feature. By twisting the handle, a screw expands or contracts the frame, stretching or relaxing the leather. A quick adjustment gets you that ideal hammock-like feel of a hanging strop without the hassle of a wall anchor.

Q. Can the pre-loaded stropping paste be renewed?

A. Yes. The Herold - Solingen Red Stropping Paste is available in either the Tube form or the Solid form. The solid form also comes with a stick of the Black Stropping Paste, which is their finest grit.

Q. What are the differences between the various strops you offer?

A. To see a comparison of the strops, see our article Comparing Razor Strops. It is a helpful guide for finding the right strop for you.

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