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Comparing Razor Strops

Comparing Razor Strops

Comparing the Different Razor Strops

What's the difference between the various razor strops?

We offer several different razor strops to choose from. Different sizes are available as well as different leathers. Some have linen belts and some do not. This article is intended to give an overview of all the options to allow for easier comparison.

Compare Razor Strops

The strops side-by-side. From left to right they are:

Herold - Solingen 56RI Adjustable - a smaller strop with two leather sides, each 7-1/4" long by 1-1/2" wide. One side is plain leather, the other is loaded with the HS602 Red Stropping Paste. The leather is the "rindleder" cowhide which is supple and has a velvety finish. The tension is adjustable by twisting the handle and this strop does not need to be mounted. Overall length 13-1/4".

Herold - Solingen 152RI - a smaller hanging strop. It is a leather only strop made from the supple and velvety "rindleder" cowhide and has no linen belt. The stropping surface is 13" long by 1-3/4" wide. The overall length is 19-3/8".

Herold - Solingen 180J - at 3-1/8" wide, the widest strop we offer. It will handle any razor without difficulty. The "juchtenleder" or Russian leather is a bit tougher than the "rindleder" of the other Herold - Solingen strops, but has the same velvety surface. A leather only strop with no linen belt, the usable surface is 14-1/2" and the overall length is 22-1/2".

Illinois #361 - at 2-1/2" wide by 24" long, the longest strop we carry. There is no worrying about running out of room on this strop. The leather is a supple top grain cowhide with a soft feel. There is no handle, but like all the models from the Illinois Razor Strop Company, the #361 has an additional belt of linen. (see picture below)

Illinois #827 Russian Leather - a medium sized strop. The usable area is 2-1/2" wide and 16" long with an overall length of 23". This strop is made from Russian Leather finished with an oil process for a tough and durable leather. Like all the models from the Illinois Razor Strop Company, the #827 has an additional belt of linen. (see picture below)

Illinois #127 - a popular medium sized strop. In size it is identical to the Illinois #827 Russian Leather Strop, 2-1/2" wide with a usable length of 16" and an overall length of 23", but it is made of top grain cowhide which is softer and a bit more supple than the Russian leather. As with the other Illinois Razor Strop Company's offerings, the #127 has an additional belt of linen. (see picture below)

Illinois #835 - smaller than the Illinois #127 but larger than the Illinois #206, this top grain cowhide strop has a usable area 2-1/4" wide and 13-1/2" long with an overall length of 21". The #835 has an additional linen belt like all Illinois Razor Strops. (see picture below)

Illinois #206 - a small top grain cowhide strop , its usable area is 2" wide and 13" long with an overall length of 20". It is handy for straight razor users tight on space or who want a strop to dedicate to using with compounds. The #206 also comes with an additional linen belt like the other Illinois Razor strops. (see picture below)

The Illinois Razor Strop Company strops showing their linen belts

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