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Sharpening Articles

  • 4 Signs Your Kitchen Knife is Dull

    4 Signs Your Kitchen Knife is Dull

    Recognize the signs of a dull kitchen knife with our guide on the top four indicators that it's time to sharpen your blade. Learn how to identify a dull knife and ensure optimal cutting performance in your kitchen. Perfect for chefs and home cooks looking to maintain their kitchen tools.
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  • 3 Ways to Keep Diamond Stones Sharpening For Longer

    3 Ways to Keep Diamond Stones Sharpening For Longer

    Learn how to maintain and refresh your diamond sharpening stones with three simple steps. Enhance their longevity and efficiency to keep your blades razor-sharp. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned sharpeners looking for quick and effective maintenance tips.
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  • Introducing 1Stone

    Introducing 1Stone

    Explore the exquisite range of natural whetstones from 1Stone, expertly crafted in the Ardennes region of France. Perfect for refining and finishing sharp edges, these stones offer a unique sharpening experience, combining traditional techniques with modern innovation. Ideal for enthusiasts and professionals seeking superior quality and performance.
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  • Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge

    Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEApril 1, 2023 Contact: Sharpening Supplies 8376 Murphy Dr. Middleton, WI 53562 Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge At Sharpening Supplies, we work hard so you can relax. There’s only one thing we could think of that’s more relaxing than...

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  • Sharpening Supplies Top Knife Care Tips

    Sharpening Supplies Top Knife Care Tips

    Knife Care Tips From The (Sharpening) Experts   April 1st, 2023 Great Ways to Treat Your Knife As the internet’s largest purveyor of sharpening stones and equipment, we feel well-positioned to tell you how best to look after your knives....

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  • What's New in DMT for 2023

    What's New in DMT for 2023

    Explore the new 2023 range of DMT Double-Sided Diamond Stones, featuring innovative formats and expanded grit options. Ideal for professionals seeking precision sharpening with American-made quality. Discover DMT's largest and finest grit stones yet!
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  • Sharpening Supplies Strop FAQs

    Sharpening Supplies Strop FAQs

    Discover expert advice on using leather strops for knife and tool sharpening. Our comprehensive FAQ covers everything from the correct application of honing compounds to techniques for achieving a razor-sharp edge.
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