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Three Ways to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

Three Ways to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

Sharpen Your Own Lawn Mower Blade

Different Tools for Mower Blade Sharpening

Recently, we made a video exploring three ways to sharpen a lawnmower blade. Mower blades are commonly in need of sharpening but often overlooked.

There's many possibilities for sharpeners to use on mower blades. We decided to have Tom, John and Dan each pick a method. All are good sharpeners, which one you would pick really all depends on your situation. Do you have many blades to sharpen? Or just a few? Do you want to sharpen other things as well? Let's have a look at what we chose and why.

Tom chose the hand held Norton Utility File for its straightforward simplicity.

Tom says: The Norton Utility File is a good match because a homeowner that’s willing and able to sharpen their lawn mower blade will appreciate this simplicity and ease of use. Once the blade is off the mower, there’s very little set up. Just clamp the blade down, grab your file and go. If this was me, trying to remember where I put the file would probably be the longest part of the process.


John chose the Work Sharp Ken Onion with the Blade Grinding Attachment for its versatility.

John says: The Work Sharp Ken Onion with the Blade Grinding Attachment is my choice because it gives me yet another reason to own this versatile sharpener. Would I buy this to simply sharpen my lawnmower blades, probably not. But would I own this as a great way to sharpen my knives with the added bonus of sharpening my lawnmower blades? You bet!


Magna-Matic 9000 for high volume sharpening

Dan says: The Magna-Matic 9000 is a good match because it makes sharpening a high volume of blades fast and efficient. It gives you a dedicated machine that can be left set up and ready to go at a moment's notice. It's perfect for professionals

So there are three different options to consider for sharpening your lawnmower blades, each picked by one of us. All of them will give you a sharp blade, but depending on your situation, one might be a better fit than the others. Which method is right for you?