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Work Sharp's New Combo Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp's New Combo Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp's New Combo Knife Sharpener is Here

Dan Splinter - November 3, 2016

Work Sharp Introduces a New Powered Knife Sharpener

Wscmb Inuse 1

Fixed Guides and a Single Belt for Fast, Easy Sharpening

We just received the new Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener, the latest edition to the Work Sharp line up. After giving it the once over, I can recommend this as a good sharpener for those looking for something simple and straightforward for sharpening knives.
It's handy features include:

  • Fixed 25 degree Guides, no adjustments necessary and perfect for outdoors or hunting knives, where a sturdy, durable edge is desired.
  • The abrasive belt comes in a single grit, 120. This makes for fast shaping of edges and eliminates times spent changing belts.
  • The ceramic hone with built in reference guides cleans up efficiently for a nice finish or quick touch-up. And its tapered shape accommodates serrated blades too.
Wscmb Inuse 2

The Ceramic Honing Rod Makes For Quick Finishing and Touch-ups

The folks at Work Sharp are dedicated to constantly improving and expanding their products to meet the demands of sharpeners of all needs. With the addition of the Work Sharp Combo Sharpener they have added a handy new choice to their line up. Now available, get yours today.