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Work Sharp Precision Adjust FAQs

Work Sharp Precision Adjust FAQs

List of Work Sharp Precision Adjust Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Will replacement grits be available for the Precision Adjust?

A. Yes, as production catches up with demand, replacement abrasives will be available to purchase.

Q. Does the Precision Adjust come with a warranty?

A. Yes, it has a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Q. What angles can the Precision Adjust sharpen a knife?

A. It can be set between 15 and 30 degrees. It is adjusted by a wheel and the markings are divided into one-degree increments.

Q. Are they in-stock right now?

A. Yes, they are in stock right now. But to check current stock status, visit our Precision Adjust page. If it says it is in-stock, that means it is in stock for immediate shipment.

Q. Have you used the Work Sharp Precision Adjust?

A. Yes, we a sample for months and tested it extensively. Now that we have enough inventory for our customers, we have provided each of our sharpening specialists with their own sharpener so they may better answer your questions.

Q. Will the knife clamp scratch my knife?

A. No, the knife clamp is covered in a rubber material so the jaws can firmly hold your knife without scratching.

Q. Can the knife clamp hold a thick knife?

A. Yes, we have tested it on very thick hunting knives and it held it firmly. We're still trying to find a knife that is too thick for the clamp.

Q. What is the longest knife that can be sharpened using the Work Sharp Precision Adjust?

A. There isn't technically a maximum. However, we find that it is practical for knives with a blade length of 10" or less. For example, a blade as large as a machete would be too long and heavy for the base to hold it on its own.

Q. What if I have another question about the Work Sharp Precision Adjust that isn't answered on this page?

A. We have staff dedicated to answering your sharpening questions. We can be reached by phone or email. Both are listed below.