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Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elitist

Bloody Good Sharpener

"Old Sport, you must try this fine new sharpener from Work Sharp. The Precision Adjust Elitist is the most fashionable sharpener of the day. I would be chuffed to bits if you would join me in the drawing-room so I may show you the finer elements of this new sharpener."

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elitist

"Old Sport, are you still using your rudimentary rectangular stones? A man of status should be using the precise adjustable angles of the Precision Adjust Elitist. Anything less would not be worthy of a man of your class."

"Old Sport, you unrefined peasant, you need to understand the subtleties of the fine diamond and ruby abrasive of the Elitist. These gemstone-quality abrasives are finer than my diamond cufflinks."

"Old Sport, the Precision Adjust Elitist comes with the finest leather carrying case so your footman can deliver your sharpener to the drawing-room. Carrying your sharpening stones in a simple cloth bag makes you look like a vagabond."

"Old Sport, you must understand the finer aspect of pairing a wine with your sharpener. The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elitist requires a versatile wine like a Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The robust nose, good acidity, and balanced tannins make it a perfect match for the versatile Precision Adjust Elitist."

The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elitist is an upgrade to the popular Work Sharp Precision Adjust EliteThe Elitist Edition features a bottle of aged Châteauneuf-du-Pape. We reserve the right to make a vintage substitution.


This April 1st joke was posted April 1, 2022. For serious sharpening products, please visit our main sharpening page.