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Work Sharp Kitchen Sharpener Line

Work Sharp Kitchen Sharpener Line

Kitchen Knife Sharpeners from Work Sharp

Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives on a Work Sharp


The Work Sharp Kitchen Knife Sharpeners are a complete line of kitchen knife sharpeners.

Work Sharp has innovative and efficient tools for sharpening knives. They are well known among users of outdoor knives for their electric, guided and manual sharpeners.

Work Sharp also has sharpeners optimized for sharpening kitchen knives. The same spirit of innovation and practicality that Work Sharp offers works in the shop or out in the field is now available in the kitchen. The Work Sharp Kitchen Knife Sharpener Line has options for all needs and budgets and includes Pull-Through, Manual, and Electric options.

Pull Through Sharpeners


The Kitchen Edge Knife Sharpener and the Pull Through Knife Sharpener are easy to use, compact, and convenient.

Pull Through Sharpeners are convenient and inexpensive. There are no moving parts and require no power cords. Draw your knife through the slots for effective sharpening. These compact units also store easily when you're finished.

The Kitchen Edge Knife Sharpener has a carbide coarse stage and a ceramic fine stage. This sharpener was designed as a lower-cost option for inexpensive knives.

The Pull Through Knife Sharpener is designed for a wide variety of kitchen knives. The coarse diamond stage will sharpen quickly, the fine ceramic stage is used after the diamond stage to produce a fine edge suitable for the kitchen. An additional diamond stage for sharpening scissors is designed to sharpen kitchen shears.

Electric Sharpeners


The E2 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener and the E5NH Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener provide fast and consistent powered countertop sharpening.

The E2 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener is a compact, plug and play sharpener. It features two fixed 20-degree coarse disc stages and a fine ceramic finishing stage. There are no belt changes or extra pieces to worry about.

The E5NH Professional Kitchen Knife Sharpener is for those who want more flexibility in an Electric Sharpener. The base unit has 17-degree guides that are felt-lined for knife protection, three timed settings for shaping, sharpening and finishing, and easy belt changes. The addition of the E5NH Upgrade Kit adds 15 degree and 20 degree guides and additional belts with grits for coarser and finer sharpening.

Whetstone and Honing Rod


The Whetstone Knife Sharpener and the Ceramic Kitchen Honing Rod provide more traditional manual options.

The Whetstone Knife Sharpener is for traditionally-minded sharpeners who want the freedom and flexibility of a hand sharpening experience. A double-sided 1000/6000 grit water stone rests securely on the base. The base has lipped sides to contain the water and slurry, as well as angle guides that can be set at 15 or 17 degrees, or removed completely.

The Ceramic Kitchen Honing Rod is for anyone looking for efficient fine-tuning and maintenance of knives right where they use them. The 20-degree guides give the user the ability to keep a steady angle, and the fine ceramic rod will finish to a sharp edge. Use the Ceramic Rod lightly and often to keep the edge as sharp as possible for as long as possible.

There is a Work Sharp for Your Kitchen Needs

No matter what your needs for sharpening kitchen knives are, there is a Work Sharp option for you. Whether you want the compact convenience of a Pull Through, the speed and efficiency of an Electric or the freedom and flexibility of a Manual sharpener, the Work Sharp Kitchen Knife Sharpener line has sharpener for you.