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What Sharpener Should I Buy As a Gift?

What Sharpener Should I Buy As a Gift?

John Carmona - December 12, 2015

Sharpening Gift Confusion

What sharpener should I buy as a gift? That is one of the toughest questions that we get on on sales line this time of year. Not because we don't know sharpeners, but because we have so many options.

When a customer calls in looking for advice on finding the best sharpener for a gift, we have to ask questions. But sometimes, the recipient of the gift hasn't given enough information so finding the right sharpening stone or system can be difficult.

We've compiled a quick list of question that you may want to review before you go shopping for the best sharpening gift.

  • How much to spend?
  • Do they know what sharpener they want?
  • Do they want sharpening stones?
  • Do they want a guided sharpener?
  • Do they want an electric sharpener?
  • What will you be sharpening?
  • Do they sharpener to be portable?

That list is just a start. You know the person, we're just here to help you find the right sharpening gift for that person.

Happy Gift Shopping,