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What's New With The Tormek T8

What's New With The Tormek T8

What's New With The Tormek T8?

Dan Splinter - May 10, 2016

We are very excited about the new Tormek T8 and its new features.

Tor T8 7

An Overview of the New Tormek T8

A quality obsessed company like Tormek doesn't make changes to their water cooled, slow speed sharpeners often or lightly. When they do those changes are usually pretty cool, and this time around is no exception. The innovations include:

A Square Edge Jig with Fine Adjustment

The new SE-77 Square Edge Jig comes standard with the T8 and is an update to the previous SE-76. The ability to adjust one side of the jig ensures a perfectly 90 degree edge. And you can also use that adjustment to create a slightly convex shape to your edge. Perfect for putting a camber on plane blades.

A Solid Zinc Cast Housing

Tor T8 2

The already robust Tormek gets even sturdier with a housing made of cast zinc. And it doesn't stop there. The motor mount and the internal drive wheel are cast zinc as well.

Tor T8 3

Improved Guide Bar Mounts

The mounts for the Universal Guide Bar are now part of the cast housing itself. Making them a permanent part of the housing ensures accuracy and ease when adjusting the the Universal Guide Bar.

Tor T8 4

Improved Water Trough that Raises and Lowers

The water trough on the T8 now has a feature which allows it to be raised and lowered with the turn of a dial, making emptying neater and easier.

Tor T8 5

Removable Scraper with Magnet for Water Trough

Mounted on the outside of the trough, there is a removable scraper with a built in magnet. Cleaning the waste material out of the trough just got a whole lot neater.

There is a lot to like about the new T8. Tormek has once again proven their commitment to making the best sharpener possible.