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What is the BESS Scale of Edge Sharpness?

What is the BESS Scale of Edge Sharpness?

What is the BESS Scale of Edge Sharpness?

Bess Tester Kitchen Knife

The Edge-On-Up Tester, also known as the BESS Tester.

The BESS Scale (or BESS Score) is the value, in grams, required to cut the BESS Certified Test Media. The lower the score the sharper the edge.

BESS Certified Test Media

In order to have accurate and consistent results, the BESS Certified Test Media must have a uniform cutting force required. The media must also cut with an amount of force that falls within a range that can be measured safely and accurately. The range of force required to cut typically falls between 100 and 1000 grams. Test results above 1000 are very dull edges. Tests below 100 are exceedingly sharp edges.

Bess Test Media Close Up

A close-up of the BESS Certified Test Media.

Edge-On-Up Tester

The Edge-On-Up Edge Sharpness Tester collects the test measurements. It is continually measuring the force required to cut the media and will display the number of the maximum amount of force. That number is often referred to as the BESS number.

Bess Number

The Edge-On-Up Tester collects and displays the measurements on the screen. That is your BESS Number or BESS Score.

What does BESS stand for?

So what exactly does BESS stand for? It is the acronym for Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale. Our friend, Mike Brubacher, is the inventor of the Edge-On-Up Tester and the BESS Scale.

Edge On Up Bess Hq

Sharpening Supplies Founder, John Carmona and Edge-On-Up inventor Mike Brubacher.