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Tormek Tip - Knife Jig

Tormek Tip - Knife Jig

Using the Tormek Knife Jig

When using the Knife Jig, the jig's adjustable stop slides along the universal support as you keep the knife in contact with the grinding wheel. All the while, keep the face of the jig's adjustable stop firmly against the universal support.

That's simple enough with a straight blade, you just slide the jig along the Universal Support. But how do you manipulate the knife and jig to follow any curvature in the blade?

Tip - Lift the Knife Handle to Follow the Blade Curve

Tormek Knife Jig

To follow a blade's curvature while maintaining a consistent sharpening angle, lift the handle of the knife vertically while keeping the blade against the grinding wheel. Throughout the motion, maintain the full flat face of the jig's adjustable stop against the universal support.

Don't Pull the Handle Towards Yourself

Tormek Knife Jig Wrong

It is tempting to pull the handle of the knife horizontally toward yourself to follow the curve. But lifting it vertically will better maintain a consistent sharpening angle.

The Tormek is an excellent machine for sharpening knives of all shapes and sizes and our specialists can help you to get the best results with it. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Thanks again! - Dan