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Tormek Tip - AngleMaster

Tormek Tip - AngleMaster

Mark the AngleMaster for Use With the Honing Wheel

December 11, 2019

Tormek is constantly improving their products, so new editions of their jigs and accessories are issued from time to time. That recently happened with the WM-200 AngleMaster and there is an important change to note. Here's a tip to get the most out of your new edition AngleMaster.

The Old Version of the WM-200 AngleMaster


The old version of the WM-200 had a mark on the Wheel Diameter Indicator labeled LA-220. This refers to the 220mm diameter LA-220 Leather Honing Wheel for the T8 (which is also the same wheel used on the T7 and 2000 models.) This mark indicates the proper positioning of the Wheel Diameter Indicator for setting angles when using the leather honing wheel.

Using the AngleMaster on the Leather Honing Wheel

Anglemaster In Use

To use the old edition of the WM-200 AngleMaster on the leather Honing Wheel, set the Wheel Diameter Indicator to the LA-220 mark. The AngleMaster will now be properly positioned to give an accurate angle reading on your tool.

The New Version of the WM-200


The current edition of the WM-200 AngleMaster has been changed to include a separate Angle Selection Scale for use with the MB-100 Multi Base on the flat face of diamond wheels. And the Wheel Diameter Indicator now has a mark at the proper position for using the Multi Base. You'll notice however that the mark at 220mm on the Wheel Diameter Indicator has been removed.

Tip - Make a Mark at 220mm on the New AngleMaster


If you have the new edition of the WM-200 AngleMaster, we recommend using a permanent marker to put a mark at 220mm on the Wheel Diameter Indicator. That will give you a quick and easy reference for using the AngleMaster with the leather honing wheel.

The Tormek Sharpening System is an extremely versatile and useful one. With tips like this, we want to help make sure you get the most out of it.