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Tormek Diamond Wheel

Tormek Diamond Wheel

The New Tormek Diamond Wheels

John - March 5, 2018

Tormek Diamond Wheels

We've had customers asking for years if there is a diamond wheel for the Tormek. Soon the answer will be yes. We promise to post new information as it becomes available.

What we know so far:

  • Available in Coarse 360 Grit, Fine 600 Grit and Extra Fine 1200 Grit
  • Item Numbers DC-250, DF-250, and DE-250
  • Diamonds will be on the face and the side of the wheel.
  • A new Multi Base (MB-100) will be available. This base will allow you to sharpen on the side of the wheel.

July 2018 Updates

The original expected delivery time frame did need to be adjusted. The diamond stones are now expected to arrive in mid August of 2018.

August 2018 Update

The Tormek Diamond Wheels are available now!