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Top 5 Massive Sharpening Stones for Serious Sharpeners

Top 5 Massive Sharpening Stones for Serious Sharpeners

5 Sharpening Stones That Are Absolute Units

When it comes to sharpening stones, bigger is definitely better. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the biggest and best sharpening stones available right now. From coarse to fine, these stones are absolute units that can handle any sharpening task you throw at them. Let's dive into the top five giant sharpening stones that every sharpening enthusiast should know about.

1. Nano-Hone Quad Stone

The Nano-Hone Quad Stone is a beast of a sharpening tool. Comprised of four 200-grit stones bonded together, this 70-micron water stone is designed to remove material quickly and efficiently. Coarse stones wear faster than finer stones, making the Nano-Hone Quad Stone a durable option for heavy-duty sharpening. With four times as much stone to work with, it’s perfect for tackling tough jobs and will last for years to come. Shockingly, it isn't the thickest stone in this list...

2. Naniwa’s Aotoishi aka The Green Brick of Joy

The Naniwa Aotoishi, affectionately known as the Green Brick of Joy, is a popular choice for maintaining sharp knives. This 8 ¼” x 2 ¾” stone is 2000 grit, providing excellent feedback and a smooth sharpening experience. At 2 1/8” thick, it’s built to last and is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable maintenance stone that can be handed down through generations. It’s great for keeping knives in top condition and makes sharpening a joy.

3. The Grinder Stone

The Grinder Stone is designed to replace a powered grinder, offering impressive size and performance. Measuring 12” x 3” and featuring an 80 grit surface, it’s the coarsest stone in our lineup. Made with silicon carbide abrasive, this stone is one of the fastest-cutting options available. If you need to remove a significant amount of metal quickly, the Grinder Stone is your go-to solution. Its length and coarse grit make it perfect for heavy-duty sharpening tasks.

4. 12” Hard Arkansas

At the opposite end of the grit scale we have the 12” Hard Arkansas stone. This is a natural sharpening stone quarried from the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. Measuring 12” x 2”, this microcrystalline quartz stone offers a fine sharpening experience. Arkansas stones are rated by their density, with the Hard Arkansas being finer than the Soft Arkansas but coarser than the Black and Translucent stones. Its scratch pattern is comparable to a 1000 grit water stone, making it ideal for those who prefer natural oil stones with a large sharpening surface.

5. DMT 10x4 Dia-Sharp Stones

The DMT 10"x4" Dia-Sharp Stones are the pinnacle of large diamond sharpening stones. With 40 square inches of industrial diamond abrasive, nickel, and steel, these stones provide an unmatched sharpening surface. Opt for the double-sided version, and you get 80 square inches of diamond sharpening goodness. These stones are incredibly durable and efficient, making them suitable for any sharpening task. The sheer size and quality of these stones make them a must-have for serious sharpeners.

Bonus Entry: Naniwa Extra Large Flattening Stone

While not a sharpening stone, the Naniwa Extra Large Flattening Stone is an essential accessory for maintaining water stones. Measuring almost 12” x 6” and at an inch thick, this flattening stone provides ample surface area to flatten your water stones effectively. It comes in a 220 grit version and an extreme 24 grit version, making it perfect for those who need a large, coarse flattening stone to keep their water stones in top shape.

These five sharpening stones are absolute units that every sharpening enthusiast should consider adding to their collection. Their size, durability, and performance make them stand out in the world of sharpening.