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The Angle Cube, A Handy Angle Indicator

The Angle Cube, A Handy Angle Indicator

The Angle Cube, A Handy Angle Indicator

Dan Splinter - January 29, 2016

Anglecube 4

We're always investigating and testing new products to see what would be useful additions to our offerings. One of the latest to make the cut, is the Angle Cube.

Having a background in woodworking, I have used digital levels before. They are great for operations like setting a table saw blade to cut a precise bevel, or fine tuning the set up of machines. But a use that I hadn't considered previously is getting exactly the right angle when sharpening plane blades and chisels. If you have ever tried to set a blade in a honing guide, you know that getting it positioned perfectly to establish the same angle every time, can be a frustrating.

That's where the Angle Cube comes in. It has two features that make it ideal for the job: The ability to zero to any surface, and magnets on its sides and bottom.

Turn the Angle Cube on, and place it on your sharpening stone. Then hit the zero button. The Angle Cube will now regard your stone's surface as zero degrees. And it will measure any changes relative to the stone's surface.

Use the magnets on the Angle Cube to hold it to your blade. Load the blade into the honing guide, place them on the stone, and adjust until the desired angle is reached.

Anglecube 3

And for micro bevel enthusiasts, adding a degree or two couldn't be easier!

The Angle Cube is a really handy way to get more out of your honing guide, and we're excited to be offering it.