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Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge

Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge
April 1, 2023
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Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge

The New Sharpening Supplies Bath Bridge

At Sharpening Supplies, we work hard so you can relax. There’s only one thing we could think of that’s more relaxing than a good sharpening session, and that’s taking a nice hot bath. So, we brought these two inherently relaxing activities together in a single product: The Bathtub Bridge.

Enjoying sharpening and a hot bath

Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down?” – Plato (probably)

If you do a lot of sharpening, the idea of being able to combine it with another relaxing activity feels like an untapped life hack. The Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge makes this possible. Why soak in a bath after a day of sharpening when you can sharpen and relax at the same time?

Everything You Need to Sharpen

The Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge holds all your stones, and sharpening accessories. There’s even space for an optional evening beverage. With space for two active stones, plus room to keep other grits close to hand, it’s everything you need for the perfect evening of relaxation.

The Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge is proudly made in the USA from the finest genuine American wood-like material, for years of heavy-duty use. It will securely hold everything you need for both a relaxing soak in the tub and a productive sharpening session.

Soak and Splash

Suds make for an excellent sharpening experience.

The Bathtub Bridge provides easy access to bubbles and bathwater. No need for spray bottles, special honing oils, or stone holders. If your stones run dry, simply give them a quick dunking and they’re good to go again. Add a teaspoon of Local Artisanal Farm-To-Table Barrel-Aged Spring Fed Alkaline Honing Water for some homeopathic sharpening benefits. Cleanup is as simple as draining your bathtub.

Fits Any Size Stone

A wide range of stones fit the Bathtub Bridge

The Bathtub Bridge can hold just about any size sharpening stone. Unlike stone holders that hold 8” stones, the Bathtub Bridge can hold a variety of shapes and sizes all at once. The sharpening side pod is designed to hold 6” stones. The main sharpening area is specially designed to handle the highly sought-after, super rare extra-extra-wide stones. (Warning: warranty voided if used with The Mighty Stone.)

Extra-extra-wide stone in the Bathtub Bridge.

Wine Glass Holder

If your idea of relaxation involves a glass of wine, our Bathtub Bridge has you covered. Our wine glass holder cradles the base of the glass so should your vigorous sharpening cause the bridge to move, your wine is still locked into place to reduce spillage of the precious liquid.

Enjoy sharpening, a bath and a glass of wine with thte Bathtub Bridge.

Don't delay, order your Sharpening Supplies Bathtub Bridge as soon as it's available to maximize your relaxation time.

This April 1st joke was posted April 1, 2023. For serious sharpening products, please visit our main sharpening page.

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