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Sharpener of the Week: Tormek T-1

Sharpener of the Week: The Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener


February 16, 2022

The Tormek T-1!

Tormek T 1 Sharpener Of The Week

The Tormek T-1 is our Sharpener of the Week. The Tormek T-1 launched a few days ago and the customer response has been very positive. We've been testing it for a few weeks and we're happy to see the customer response matching our excitement for this new sharpener.

A Great Sharpener for the Kitchen

The T-1 was specifically designed for kitchen knives. By focusing on kitchen knives, the sharpener can avoid some complexity that would be required to allow it to sharpen tools or other knives.

A Sharpening Supplies Exlusive

Tormek has chosen Sharpening Supplies as the exclusive launch partner for the Tormek T-1. Right now Tormek is ramping up production on this new sharpener, so we may run out of stock between shipments from Sweden. We do keep our inventory up to date, if the website says it is in stock, that means we have units available to ship immediately.

Tormek T 1 Limited Supply

Quality and Warranty

The new T-1 was designed and is manufactured in Sweden. The thoughtful design and quality materials is evident throughout. The T-1 comes with an 8-year warranty.

Our Review of the Tormek T-1

As part of our testing, we did review the Tormek T-1. This review focuses on the details on the performance and features that will matter the most to our customers.

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