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Sharpener of the Week: The Grinder Stone

Sharpener of the Week: The Grinder Stone

Sharpener of the Week: The Grinder Stone


August 9, 2021

Grinder With GrinderThe Grinder Stone!

Like any tool, The Grinder Stone has a purpose, and that purpose is to remove metal quickly. The 80 grit silicon carbide abrasive is as coarse as many grinding wheels. But instead of the wheel providing the movement, that movement is up to you. For this reason, it won’t burn your edge and doesn’t require you to have the skills to master a bench grinder. Will it sharpen as fast as a grinder? Obviously not. But it will sharpen much faster than just about any sharpening stone.

The Grinder Stone isn’t just a very coarse stone. It is also very large. At 12” long and 3” wide, it is larger than almost any stone on the market. This large surface area makes it easier to sharpen quickly.

Grinder Stone With Person

Why Use The Grinder Stone

There is no doubt that a bench grinder is a great tool to remove metal fast. However, a bench grinder requires a little more skill and maintenance to sharpen effectively. A bench grinder can burn your edge. If this happens, you’ve ruined the heat treating on your tool or knife, causing the metal to become too soft to hold an edge. A grinding wheel must be dressed regularly. Dressing the wheel will keep it round and keep it from becoming glazed. We designed The Grinder Stone so it sharpens quickly without the common concerns associated with bench grinders.

Grinder Stone In Use

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