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Sharpener of the Week: All Sharpening Supplies Strops

Sharpener of the Week: All Sharpening Supplies Strops

Sharpener of the Week: USA Made Sharpening Supplies Leather Strops


July 22, 2021

Sharpening Supplies Strops!

July is “Made in the USA” month, and we’ve selected the Sharpening Supplies Strops as our product of the week.

Why Use a Strop

Almost any edge can be improved with one of our leather strops. Think of it as the final stage when sharpening to get a truly razor sharp edge. Because they're effective and easy to use, our sharpening specialists almost always use our leather strops to finish the sharpening process.

A strop is a simple tool. You simply drag your edge across the leather to hone the edge and help remove any burr left from sharpening.

Quality Construction

Leather Strops Sharpener Of The Week

We designed our strops to be extremely functional and use quality materials. You’ll first notice that our strops are nice and heavy, that is because we use hard maple for our strops. This wood feels great in the hand, but will also last a lifetime of use. The leather we use is carefully selected for stropping. Not too hard, not too soft. Our smooth and suede sides are different pieces of leather, each chosen for their stropping properties.

Sizes and And Shapes

We have a strop in just about every size, from our smallest 6” Handheld Strop, all the way up to our 12” x 3” Double-Sided Paddle Strop. Our strops are not only available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but also include features like magnetic backing, contoured grips and specialized bases.

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