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Sharpen an Axe with a Norton IB64 Round Stone

Sharpen an Axe with a Norton IB64 Round Stone

Sharpening an Axe with a Norton IB64 Round India Stone

There are a number of different ways to sharpen an axe, one popular way is to use a round stone. Round stones can be used with the stone in hand and the axe in the opposite hand. However, the easier and safest way is with the stone on the bench. With the stone on the bench it is easier to control the angle and keep your fingers out of harms way.

Sharpening Using a Round Stone

The benefit of the round stone is the width and shape that allows for circular rather than linear motion when sharpening. In knife sharpening, it is most common to use the length of a long rectangular shape to perform successive passes across the length. However, when sharpening an axe, the shape and width of the edge make circular motions more practical.

First we recommend adding oil to the stone. It floats the swarf (metal filing created during sharpening) and keeps the stone from clogging.

First Oil The Stone

Then with the stone resting on your work surface, match the angle of the edge to the stone and perform circular motions on each side. Start with the coarse (darker) side of the stone and completely sharpen both sides. You’ll know when both sides have been sharpened when you can feel a burr forming on the edge.

Coarse Sharpening on Norton IB64 Round India Stone

After you’re done with the coarse side, move to the fine side to finish sharpening your axe.

Fine Sharpening on Norton IB64 Round India Stone

Norton IB64 Round India Stone

The Norton IB64 is a 4” wide stone with a fine and a coarse grit. The darker side is the coarse grit, the fine side is a lighter orange color. It is made of aluminum oxide abrasives. It is considered an oil stone and we recommend using oil to float away the swarf that is created when sharpening.

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