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Shameless Plug for Our Warehouse

Shameless Plug for Our Warehouse

Shameless Plug for the Warehouse

John Carmona - December 11, 2015

Sharpening Pack Table

The warehouse is a busy place right now. This time of the year we ship many sharpening stones, tools and other sharpening supplies to customers. Some are gifts that need to get there before Christmas, but many are just needed supplies. What ever the reason, we've always shipped orders the same day if we receive the order by 2PM. Ten years ago, when we started the business, we shipped the same day, but that was the exception rather than the rule in the industry. Now, same day shipping is something that is expected.

I have noticed that not all companies follow that same standards in shipping. You just never know what type of service you'll receive from some companies. I just purchased a gift for my wife and the company (that shall remain nameless) had the item in stock. However, they took over a week to ship it. I ordered it on November 30th and they shipped in on December 8th. I understand they could have been busy, but why were they not prepared? Christmas comes every year so this seasonal surge in business shouldn't be a surprise.

When you buy from Sharpening Supplies, you can be sure that we'll get your order shipped promptly. We accurately describe the status of the item (if it is in stock, it says In Stock). We have customer service and warehouse staff that truly cares about service. I appreciate their hard work and I'm sure our customers appreciate it as well.