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New Sharpening Supplies Double Sided Water Stones

New Sharpening Supplies Double Sided Water Stones

Sharpening Supplies Water Stones now in Double-Sided Combination Stones

Dan - November 29, 2019

We Like the Value Of Doubles

Sharpening Supplies Double-Sided Water Stones are available in 8" x 2" and 8" x 3" sizes, each with 220/1000, 3000/8000 and 6000/10,000 grit stones.

I'm really excited that our own Sharpening Supplies Water Stones are now available in double-sided options. Creating useful products with as much value as possible is our goal, and these combinations take their two-sided place next to our popular Double-Time Flattening Stone, and our 8" x 2" Double-Sided Paddle Strop and 12" x 3" Double Sided Paddle Strop.

What can I say? I like offering our customers double the usefulness in a single package.

Additionally, we've created value added packages with our Double-Sided Water Stones. Visit Sharpening Supplies Water Stones to see all the kits and options we offer.

The Sharpening Supplies Double-Sided 8" XL Kit is shown above.

Thanks again! - Dan