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New 1 Grit Sharpening Stone

New 1 Grit Sharpening Stone
April 1, 2015
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The 1 Grit Sharpening Stone

1 Grit Stone

The One and Only 1 Grit Stone

Super-Duper Fast

Based on the success of the One Million Grit Stone we produced last year, we’ve been asking our customers, "What’s the next great need in sharpening?" What they’ve told us is that they need a super-duper fast cutting stone. So we sent our crack research and development team to work.

1 Grit Stone
Before sharpening, this edge needs work.

1 Grit Stone
Use firm pressure. This stone can handle it.

1 Grit Stone
After sharpening with The 1 Grit, the chisel
just needs a little honing.

The Problem

The coarsest stone on the market was a mere 120 grit. What could we do to improve on that to make the most aggressive sharpening stone ever? The problem required bold thinking. Fortunately, we have bold thinkers. Stalwart Darren suggested a 115 grit stone. The new guy Dan thought we could do better, saying a 110 grit would be possible. Team leader John broached the idea of breaking the 100 grit barrier. But plucky Dawn stopped everyone in their tracks when she said, “Why don’t we just make a 1 grit?”

This was met with disbelief, even ridicule, but then the idea took hold. Why couldn’t we go all the way and make the ultimate coarse abrasive?

The Solution

The months long research was exhausting. Dozens of abrasives were tried and rejected. Some were too small, some too slow. Others wore away too quickly. Finally, a process of coaxing the elements into pure macro crystals was discovered. After relentless refinement and dozens of pizza ovens, the procedure was perfected.

Craftspeople were then found to take the crystals and individually place them by hand into the proprietary binder to create the finished stone. Each finished stone is a product of over forty man hours of labor.

The 1 Grit

The result is The 1 Grit, and it has surpassed our wildest expectations. Nothing else works as quickly as The 1 Grit to remove metal and refine the cutting edge. The unique polymono structure of the crystals makes them the most durable abrasive yet discovered. No matter how hard the steel, this stone will cut aggressively but still leave a scratch pattern that is easily smoothed out by finer grits. The 1 Grit accomplishes what can take hours on lesser stones in just a few passes. Less than a dozen swipes per side is often all that is required to form an unparalleled crisp edge.

The 1 Grit is utterly unique and doesn’t fit into the usual categories. Oil or water, the usual cutting fluids for most stones, simply are not strong enough for it. We have found that really strong coffee works best, preferably percolated. The durability of the crystals makes The 1 Grit the lowest maintenance stone on the market today, and it is guaranteed to never need flattening or cleaning.

Available Tomorrow!


This April 1st joke was posted April 1, 2015. For serious sharpening products, please visit our main sharpening page.

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