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Magna-Matic MAG-8000 and MAG-9000 Comparison

Magna-Matic Magna-Matic MAG-9000
Magna-Matic MAG-9000
Magna-Matic MAG-8000
Magna-Matic MAG-8000
L x W x H 12”x 8”x 8” 24” x 12” x 17”
Weight 48 lbs 80 lbs
Shipping Weight 52 lbs 85 lbs
Motor Specs Baldor®/Leeson® Baldor®/Leeson®
Horse Power .5 hp 1 hp
Motor RPM 3450 3450
Duty Cycle Std / Intermittent Continuous
Hertz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Volts 115 V 115 V
Phase Single Single
Amps Starting 15 A 30 A
Amps Running 7.7 A 10 A
Capacitors Single Dual
Solid State Switch No Yes
Motor Type Industrial - Totally Enclosed Industrial - Totally Enclosed
Insulation Class F Class F
Direction Single Single
Fan Cooled Yes Yes
Transmission Direct Drive Timing Belt / Pulley
Wheel Dimensions 7" dia x 1" thick x 1 1/4" dia arbor 7” dia x 1” thick x 1-1/4” dia arbor
7” dia x 1/2” thick x 1-1/4” dia arbor
Types of Blades Sharpened (See Below) Standard / Flat Standard / Flat
Mulching / Curved
Delivered with

- MAG-9000 Main Body
- Vacuum Grit Guard (9000-50)
- 1" Soft Grinding Wheel (MAG-9000-23)
- Spanner Wrench (MAG-9000-21
- Arbor Wrench (MAG-9000-53)

- MAG-8000 Main Body with Grit Guard
- 1" Med. Grinding Wheel (MAG-9000-35)
- 1/2" Med. Grinding Wheel (MAG-8000-30)
- Crank Handle
- Flat Table Insert
- Rounded Table Insert
- Spanner Wrench (MAG-9000-21)
- Arbor Wrench (MAG-9000-53)

A Note on Blade Types

The MAG-9000 grinds flat blades using a 1" wide wheel and a flat table to rest the blade on during grinding. A flat blade has no bends or twists, the edge being ground is flat or straight.

The MAG-8000 has two blade supports and two different grinding wheels included. A flat support and 1" wide wheel for flat blades, and special rounded blade support and a 1/2" wide wheel for mulching blades. Mulching blades vary in design, some have many twists and bends where others are mostly straight with small bends.

The 9000 is only for straight blades. The 8000 is equipped to grind all rotary blades.