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It's Been a Busy Year!

It's Been a Busy Year for Sharpening Supplies!

Dan - November 24, 2017

2017 has been quite the year for us here at Sharpening Supplies. We have been keeping busy expanding our offerings so that we can be even more prepared to meet your sharpening needs.

There are so many new sharpening machines, stones and accessories that it's hard to find time to talk about all of them. But here's a quick rundown of what's been going on around here:


Fb Sharpening Logo

Probably the biggest thing that has happened in 2017 is the addition of Foley-Belsaw to Sharpening Supplies. Not only do we now carry many parts for Foley-Belsaw machines, we also offer machines, grinding wheels and accessories for sharpening carbide saws, chainsaws, scissors and shears, hair cutting clippers and much more.

Sharpening Supplies Water Stones

We have always wanted our own line of water stones, and now we have them. We're proud of these stones that are a great balance between fast sharpening and hard wearing.

Double-Time Flattening Stone

In addition to our new line of Sharpening Supplies Water Stones, we're very excited to offer our own stone for flattening them. (Or for flattening ANY water stones for that matter.) The Double-Time Flattening Stone.

Tormek T2

Tormek has introduced a new sharpener just for knives. The Tormek T2 Professional Knife Sharpener brings Tormek's unrivaled precision and quality to commercial kitchens or serious home chefs.

Edge On Up Edge Testers

Something that we have always been interested in is finding an accurate and standardized method for establishing exactly how sharp an edge is. And this year, we found that way. The Edge On Up testers give a precise, accurate and repeatable way to compare edges.

Work Sharp Culinary

Cpe5 1

Work Sharp has long been known for their fine sharpeners like the WS3000 and the Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener. Now they have introduced the Work Sharp Culinary line of products for professional kitchens.

Atoma Diamond Plates

Atoma brings a new approach to diamond plates. Precisely placed geometric clusters of monocrystalline diamonds on replaceable steel sheets mounted to aluminum plates.

Friedrich Dick Sharpening Machines

And Steels

The Friedrich Dick Line of professional quality sharpening machines and steels offers the best quality sharpening products. Made in Germany since 1873.

Belgian Blue Whetstones

And Coticule Whetstones

Authentic old-world sharpening stones quarried exclusively in Belgium. Belgian Blue and Coticule Whetstones are a must have for the traditionalists out there. Great for woodworking, carving, straight razors and knives.

Tru-Hone Commercial Knife Sharpeners

Tru-Hone Commercial Knife Sharpeners offer fast, accurate and professional knife sharpening. These heavy-duty sharpeners are full service sharpeners in a single package.

...And More to Come

As I said, 2017 has been a busy year for us here at Sharpening Supplies. And we have even more planned for the future, so keep an eye on us!