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Individual Paper Sharpening Wheels Now Available

Replacement Wheels, Grease and Honing Compound - Now Available Individually


Dan S.
June 29, 2021

Just Need A Wheel?

Sometimes, you just need to replace a single component of a kit. For instance, with our popular 6" Paper Sharpening Wheel Kit and 8" Paper Sharpening Wheel Kit, it's not unusual to wear out one of the wheels before the other. We've received more than one request from a sharpener who needs either the Coarse Wheel or the Slotted Wheel, but not both. These customers wanted to replace their worn wheel without having to buy an entire kit.

With that in mind, we're proud to announce that we are now offering the Coarse and the Slotted Wheels in both the 6" and 8" sizes for individual sale.

Now Available:

Pw8s TThe 8" Slotted Paper Sharpening Wheel

Pw8c TThe 8" Coarse Paper Sharpening Wheel

Pw6s TThe 6" Slotted Paper Sharpening Wheel

Pw6c TThe 6" Coarse Paper Sharpening Wheel

And Not Just the Wheels

Of course, the wheels alone aren't the only thing that might need to be replaced from these kits. There's the Grease and the Grit for the Coarse Wheel and the Compound for the Slotted Wheel. Well now all of these things are available individually too!

Pwgrease TGrease for Coarse Paper Sharpening Wheels

3700499 TGrit for Coarse Paper Sharpening Wheels

Pwcompound TCompound for Slotted Paper Sharpening Wheels

We hope that making these popular wheels, grit and compounds available as individual items will be helpful to the many sharpeners who use them.

As usual, we appreciate all of our customers and look forward to serving you well in the future.

Thanks again,