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How to Install Chantry Replacement Rods

How to Install Chantry Replacement Rods


October 28, 2020

Removing and replacing the Chantry Replacement Rods is rather easy and only requires a Phillips head screwdriver. I created this quick instruction sheet to walk you through the process.

Step 1 - Remove the Screws

Remove Chantry Screws

Remove the screws holding the frame to the case using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2 - Remove the Frame from the Case

Remove Chantry Frame

Remove the frame from the case.

Step 3 - Remove Clips from the Frame

Remove Chantry Clips

Slide clip that holds the rods up and away from the bottom of the frame on each side. It may be tight, lightly pushing with a standard screwdriver may help slide the clip along the frame.

Step 4 - Remove Rods from Packaging and Identify Direction

Chantry Rods Packaging

Remove Clips w/rods from packaging. One side of the clip is open and is to be inserted first, replacing the previous rod.

Step 5 - Install Rods to Frame and Reassemble

Reassumble Chantry

Replace rod, open end first in a downward motion. Be sure to insert the clip fully to the bottom of the slide. Replace frame into the case and screw it into place. Extra screws are included with the rods should you need replacements.