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Gift Recommendation - For the Woodworker

Gift Recommendation - For the Woodworker

Gift Recommendation - For the Woodworker

By Dan Splinter - Sharpening Specialist - December 3, 2021

Dmt D8 Kit Gift

DMT 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone Kit - Perfect for Woodworkers

The DMT 8" Dia-Sharp Kit is my recommended sharpening stone kit for woodworkers. I love this set for two main reasons: the size of the plates, and the flatness. Woodworkers need stones large enough to accommodate woodworking tools, and this set does just that. The 8" length has room enough for a comfortable motion, even when using a honing guide. And the 3" width will handle even the widest of chisels and plane blades. The DMT Dia-Sharp stones are extremely flat and stay flat with use. Using a flat stone is critical when sharpening woodworking tools.

Four Grits on Four Stones

The Dia-Sharp® line of DMT® diamond stones feature a continuous diamond surface embedded on heavy nickel-plated steel. Continuous surface diamond stones are required when sharpening small or pointed tools, and are preferred by some over the interrupted diamond surface found on stones like the 8" DuoSharp Plus Bench Stones. The surface of the Dia-Sharp stones are precision ground and guaranteed to be flat. These diamond stones measure 8" long and 3" wide, which is plenty large for almost all wood working tools. Each stone includes four rubber feet that can be attached to keep it in place during sharpening.

The D8 Kit has four grits ranging from 220 to 1200 on four 8" x 3" stones.

Kit Contains:

  • Extra-Coarse 220 Grit 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone
  • Coarse 325 Grit 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone
  • Fine 600 Grit 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone
  • Extra-Fine 1200 Grit 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone
DMT stones are made in the USA.

How I Use This Kit

I start the sharpening process by flattening the backs of my chisel and plane blades. Flattening the back is an important first step in sharpening, and DMT Dia-Sharp stones are my favorite stones for flattening tools. For the bevels, I like to use a honing guide to hold the correct angle. For both operations, I typically start with either the extra coarse 220 or the coarse 325, depending on the condition of the blade. After finishing with the coarse grits, I proceed through the fine and extra-fine grits.

The DMT D8 Dia-Sharp Stones are perfect for woodworking tools.

Special Kit Pricing

The D8 Kit is available for $199.99, a savings of $131.97 off of list price. And it qualifies for free shipping.