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Gift Recommendation - For the Oudoor Enthusiast

Gift Recommendation - For the Oudoor Enthusiast

Gift Recommendation - For the Outdoor Enthusiast

By John Carmona - Sharpening Specialist and Company Founder - December 2, 2021

Precision Adjust Elite Gift Recommendation

My Recommendation for the Outdoor Enthusiast - The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite

Finding the right gift for the outdoor enthusiast can be difficult. That is why a sharpener makes such a great gift. If they’re a hunter, fisherman, camper, or just like spending time outside, a sharp knife is something that they will undoubtedly need. The only way to always have a sharp knife, is to use a sharpener regularly to keep it sharp.

The new Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpner Elite is a great gift to give to any outdoor enthusiast. This new kit is so easy to use and is effective at sharpening any knife. The Elite kit builds on the success of the original Work Sharp Precision Adjust, but adds additional hones to extend the capabilities and allow the user to sharpen knives to a finer edge and even sharpen serrated knives. It also includes a handy carrying case so the whole kit can be stored or transported with ease.

What's Included in the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite

The Elite Kit Contains:

  • Coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod: 220, 320, & 400 Grit Diamond
  • Fine Tri-Brasive® Rod: 600 & 800 Grit Diamond, Ceramic Plate
  • Leather & Ceramic Rod: Leather Strop, Ceramic rod for serrations
  • Angle Adjustable Sharpening Chassis
  • Benchtop Sharpening Base
  • Knife Clamp
  • Sharpening Slide Rod
  • Premium Carry Case

Adjustable Angle Chassis with Benchtop Base

The Adjustable Angle Chassis can be set to any angle between 15 and 30 degrees. Unlike systems that have a few holes to approximate the angle you want, the Precision Adjust has a knob to adjust your angle. If you want to add an extra degree or two, you simply turn the knob.

The sturdy Benchtop Base holds the whole chassis secure while you work.

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite T

Secure Knife Clamp

The Knife Clamp Collet is built to securely and carefully hold your knife. Your knife is clamped in with jaws that feature a layer of rubber between your knife and the clamp. This extra layer of projection ensures your valuable knife won't get scratched, but it still held tight. The wheel closes the jaws, no tools are needed to secure your knife to the clamp.

Coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod

The Elite Kit has a coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod with 220, 320, and 400 grit diamond plates. These are great for fast material removal and shaping.

Fine Tri-Brasive® Rod

The fine Tri-Brasive® Rod has 600 and 800 grit diamond plates, and a ceramic plate. The fine rod has 600 and 800 grit diamond plates, and a ceramic plate. Get a smooth edge with the diamond plates, and finish to razor-sharp with the ceramic.

Strop and Serrated Sharpener Rod

Also included with the Elite Kit is a rod with a leather strop on one side and a ceramic rod on the other. Use the strop plain or with your favorite compound to finish and maintain incredibly sharp edges. Use the ceramic rod for sharpening serrated blades.

Carrying Case

The Carrying Case is probably the most useful and overlooked item in this kit. If you’re like me, keeping things together greatly improves organization. The bag allows me to store it just about anywhere and I can take in my vehicle with ease. Carrying or storing loose items is aggravating and the carrying case holds everything.

Precision Adjust Elite Pricing

The entire kit is available for $119.99, a great value for this comprehensive of a sharpener. It also qualifies for free shipping.