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Get A Close Look With A Magnifier

Get A Close Look With A Magnifier

Use A Magnifier To See Your Sharpening

Dan Splinter - February 17, 2016

In the last post, I talked about the Angle Cube and how cool it is for setting accurate angles when sharpening things like plane blades. But that's not the only useful tool we have to raise the level of your sharpening.

Need A Closer Look?

Have you ever thought that you had a small scratch or imperfection, but you weren't sure? Or have you wondered if you really got the burr off of an edge? Of course it's hard to see what's really going on at the edge of your blade because the scratches and burrs are so small. If only there were a way to make small things bigger.

Well of course what you need is a magnifier. Something like a 10x Triplet Magnifier. You may associate these with jewelers examining gems or geologists looking at rock samples, but they can be a real aid to sharpening as well.

The View Through A 10x Magnifier

10X Magnifier

The 10x magnification on our magnifier is good for getting a close look at an edge. And we chose one with a nice wide lens that brings everything into a crisp focus. When the scratches left by the stones are visible, the details will become much easier to see. You can see the imperfections and areas that need a little more work or are damaged instead of just guessing where they are. That allows you to concentrate your efforts more efficiently.

There may be occasions when you want an even closer look, and for those times we offer a 10x-15x Magnifier as well. It has both 10x and 15x lenses. While the single 10x magnifier is powerful enough for most jobs, and it has a larger diameter that gives a larger field of view, the 10x-15x has the option of greater magnification, providing the closest look we can give you.

So that's the newest essential tool we have to keep the sharpening geek in you happy. In the future, I'll be pointing out some more nifty stuff to help you get that ultimate edge.