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Edge Pro Sharpeners

Edge Pro Sharpeners

Sharpening Supplies now carries Edge Pro Sharpeners

Dan Splinter - January 19, 2016

Edge Pro Sharpeners

We are now carrying the Edge Pro line of products, and I recently took one for a test drive.

I have a professional interest in sharpening and I like to keep my knives and tools in good condition. So when I have an opportunity to use a sharpening system for the first time, I get a little excited. And when I have a knife that needs a little reshaping to get just the right cut, I get anxious to take care of it. When the two things coincide, I get happy.

I worked on an Edge Pro Professional 3 model sharpener. While all their Apex and Professional models are sturdily built, the Professional series features a more massive foundation with a suction cup base that keeps things nice and steady during use. The Professional models are also capable of handling wider blades (up to 5-1/2") than the Apex models (up to 3-1/2"). And Sharpeners should note that the while all the Edge Pro Sharpeners use the same stones, the optional Scissors Attachment works only with the Professional Models.

I found the experience of using an Edge Pro to be enjoyable. Unlike other knife sharpening systems, there is no clamping with the Edge Pro. After adjusting a stop, the knife is held in place by hand. The set up is quick, the directions are clear, the adjustments are easy and the motion of the arm is smooth. The stones work quickly and wear well (I used the full progression of stones from 120 to 1000 and finished with the 2000 and 3000 tape to be thorough). And while I was a little concerned about holding the knife in my right hand and working the stone with my left when it came time to flip sides, I was quickly working equally well on both sides.

Enjoying using a product is important of course, but it comes down to results, and I was very pleased with those. The progression of stones allowed me to quickly reshape the edge and then to refine and polish it until I was shaving hair off the back of my hand. All the while, the angle was maintained with a minimum of fuss.

Edgepro 2

I am thrilled that we are carrying the Edge Pro Sharpeners now.