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Double-Time Flattening Stone Instructions and Care

Double-Time Flattening Stone Instructions and Care

Instructions for Use and Care of the Double-Time Flattening Stone

Whether you've already got a Double-Time Flattening Stone or you're thinking about getting one, proper use and care is important information. Have a look at the following instructions for using and caring for your Double-Time Flattening Stone.

Soak Before Use

Soak Stone Crop

The Double-Time Flattening Stone soaking alongside a water stone.

When flattening water stones, it is important to have enough water in and around the stones to keep the waste material from clogging up the process. Saturate the Double-Time Flattening Stone by soaking it for 5 - 10 minutes prior to flattening. If the water stone is a soaking stone, soak it until saturated as well. If it is a splash and go type stone, make sure it has plenty of water on it.

Draw Lines on the Water Stone

Pencil Marks Crop

Pencil lines covering the water stone from end to end and edge to edge.

Use a pencil to draw a grid of lines on the water stone. Make sure the lines extend all the way from end to end and side to side of the stone.

Flatten the Water Stone

Dsc 2741

Rubbing the water stone on the Double-Time Flattening Stone in a circular motion.

Lay the water stone pencil line side down on the Double-Time Flattening Stone. Rub the water stone against the flattening stone using a circular motion, keeping the downward pressure evenly distributed along the length and width of the water stone. Make sure to use the entire surface of the flattening stone.

Water is important to this process. If at any time the stones appear to be drying out, or if the waste material is building up, add more water. You can even do this process under a running tap if your set up permits.

Check Your Progress

Testing Pencil Marks Crop

A pause to check the pencil marks.

Every dozen or so strokes, pause and check your progress. Turn the water stone over and look at the pencil lines. Where they have been removed, the water stone has been flattened. Where they remain, the stone is still out of flat. In the photo above, the stone remains dished in the middle and requires more flattening. When the pencil lines are gone, the stone is flat.

Rinse and Clean

Rinse Stone Crop

The Double-Time Flattening Stone getting clean after flattening.

After hard work, a bath or shower is always appreciated. Rinse the Double-Time Flattening stone well to remove the waste material completely. Any water stone grit left behind can clog the flattening stone and make it work less efficiently, so be thorough. Note that cleaning your water stone to remove any of the flattening stone grit from it is also important.

Let your Double-Time Flattening Stone air dry before storing it in any enclosed space.

That's the basics for using and maintaining your Double-Time Flattening Stone. Remember to use plenty of water and keep the wear spread out over the entire surface, and you can look forward to fast and successful flattening of your water stones.