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DMT® Diamond And Ceramic Color Coded Grit Chart

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DMT® Diamond And Ceramic Color Coded Grit System

Silver Dot

Extra-Extra Coarse (XX)
Silver - 120 micron - 120 mesh

Extreme repair of a very damaged edge.

Black Dot

Extra Coarse (X)
Black - 60 micron - 220 mesh

For aggressive removal of metal on damaged tools. Useful on garden tools, axes, lawnmower blades, plane soles, and to flatten water stones.

Coarse (C)
Blue - 45 micron - 325 mesh

Rapidly hones cutting tools or restores an edge on a tool or blade.

Fine (F)
Red - 25 micron - 600 mesh

Ideal for putting a razor sharp edge on a blade that is regularly maintained.

Extra Fine (E)
Green - 9 micron - 1200 mesh

Polishes and refines the edges of fine knives and precision tools after they have been sharpened on coarser grits.

Extra-Extra Fine (EE)
Tan - 3 micron - 8000 mesh

Extra fine polish to an extreme edge.


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